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Always focusing on the newest trends in marketing can be like an illness that can infect small businesses or a marketing manager’s daily workload. You get approached by a skilled salesman or read about a new technology or service and you instantly need to have it integrated into your own marketing strategy. You prefer to brag about being an“early adopter” and show that you are not afraid to try new things, but what you should really do is analyse or ask yourself; “is this helping me to reach my goals?”

Adopting new trends is a never ending story

A few years ago it was a big buzz in the SEO pond about author rank. Discussions on how it could affect ranking or CTR went bananas on Twitter and other Social media platforms. After three years the great Google Authorship experiment has come to an end, but I am sure some skilled salesmen could sell a few more hours to their clients thanks to the buzz.

Today many Marketing-, SEO- and Communication agencies buzz about “content marketing is the new SEO“, “Social SEO” or even worse; “Ethical SEO“.

Content Marketing is not SEO

I am sure you have heard the phrase “Content is King”. Content is not king, content is good. Great content is even better. Content marketing is one of many parts of our SEO strategy but it is only when SEO is added to the mix when content marketing come into play.

If the content is good, have value over a long time and you make an effort to build permanent, quality links to it, then you will get the desired effect. Well-made content is also something that attracts natural links, and without links you will never get a top position on a competitive search phrase.

Social SEO – not for Google

From time to time I read a report stating that Google finally have taken social signals as a ranking factor in it’s algorithm. But still I haven’t seen any convincing evidence that this is the case.

The reason why social signals have such small impact – if any – in Google’s algorithm is because it is too easy to manipulate. This means it makes it enormously complex to evaluate how much a “share” or interaction in social media is worth from a ranking perspective.

Ethical SEO vs Results

Ethical SEO is perhaps not really a trend, but it is a perfect example of a tiring sales pitch.

As I see it there has never been a question of Black- or White Hat SEO, or even various Gray Hats. SEO is valuated by an algorithm and the algorithm has nothing to do with hats or ethics, it’s with mathematics. Links are one of the most, if not the most, important factor in this mathematical formula. If you do not understand that, you will not be able to claim your right on high competitive keywords.


Without patience and persistence to your SEO strategy, don’t expect to be successful. Don’t bother about what is new or trendy because there will always be something new. Your success depends on goals, strategies, tactics and how to be effective. Changing course or adopt new trends too often, will leave you behind your competitors. To rank in Google you need to stick to the basics, so please avoid unnecessary trends!

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