8 tips on how to choose a good SEO consultant in Spain

I have put together a list of 8 tips that clearly indicates if your SEO consultant is serious or not.  Of course these should be used as indicators. If you notice that your consultant is living up to any of the following, you should at least think again before you make the decision.

1. Their own site holds no positions

Search engine optimization is one of the best channels for marketing today. An SEO consultant that claims to be able to deliver search engine optimization, but not doing it for themselves should raise question marks. They may not need to hold the first place, there can only be one at the top, but they should be  in the top 20 on the major search phrase, isn’t that reasonable? There are thousands of SEO conss in Spain and if your consultant is not among the best, you can bet that they are among the worst. Be alert for some consultants that make up their own search phrases, with virtually no search volume:  The words that means something in the industry (and have search volume) is Search Engine Optimization and SEO.

2. They have no strategy for links

There is many different views on how links should be built, it is constantly a topic of debate in the industry, no matter what, links should be built. Links is such a big part of Google’s algorithm that a SEO consultant who has no strategy or have a very fuzzy one, like, “they will do good content and then it will happen by chance”, they are probably not so successful in SEO. An SEO consultant without link strategy is a carpenter without a hammer, a baker without flour and an astronaut without rocket.

3. Twitter, Facebook and Google +

If your SEO consultant begins to argue that you should put a lot of time on any of the various social networks to take positions, you will end up with a leaking roof and mold in the bathroom. It is simply a way to sell you more services (which are difficult to measure).

4. They are specialists in everything

Do your SEO specialist also specializes in Social Media, Copy and Banner Advertising? Then you have found what is the opposite of a specialist, you have found a generalist. Search engine optimization is a complex area. Personally, I spend most of the day to think about, learn more and try different models and methods for search engine optimization, it is not something you do on a day of the week. I specialize in Search Engine Optimization. If I were to try to master two or more of the topics above, I would not be as good at search engine optimization. You deserve a specialist.

5. They suggest keywords that you do not have the benefit of

A very common method for bad SEO consultants is that they are trying to attract customers to make SEO on irrelevant search phrases. Often to drive traffic because it is possible to find keywords with high volume and low competition, really unprofitable keyword. If you are a bank or insurance company, for example, and the SEO consultant suggests keywords like “cosy living” or “Hockey Goalie”, then you really should raise the eyebrows. You will not make any money on those keywords, what is interesting for you is to appear on Loans, funds and insurances.

6. They work on a broad scale and therefore you should not measure positions

This is such a common scam that it is a wonder that people still buying it. The SEO consultants often believes that instead of taking position on a good keyword, you should work with any other kind of general visibility. The SEO consultant says that you must choose between the two. This is almost always an attempt to hide the inability to take positions, because the general visibility is something that comes for free when the SEO is done properly. A well search engine optimized site and a good link building will automatically give traffic on long tail search phrases, while taking positions on profitable keywords. Take SEO-iberica.com as an example, it has top positions in the main keywords in the industry and because of that (along with that it is a well-built site), it also have visibility on similar words. That is thanks to good SEO.

7. The SEO consultant rather sell you courses

Anyone with a little smeared talking can hold hundreds of workshops, lectures and create tons of Excel sheets and Power Point presentations. Watch out for this. If your counsel or accounting firm would tell you that they primarily work with workshops and lectures so you can expect that you sit in jail within the next years.

8. They suggest you to index your search results pages

This is a really dirty trick. Automatic content, especially those created by your site’s internal search engine, is something that Google really does not want to show up in their search results. The reason is simple, they do not visitors from their search results to get to another search result. The really bad thing about this is that it can give a temporary boost, suddenly your decor site will appear on every furniture related keyword. Most often you will hold the positions in search engines long enough for the SEO consultant to send you the bill, if you are lucky you can keep it for 6 months and think that it was the best investment you have done. But you have bought a castle in the sky.

Choose SEO consultant wisely

What I want to say with this post is that you should choose the SEO consultant carefully, search engine optimization is a young industry, and because of that the buyers are not yet very experienced for this kind of services so it is possible to sell almost anything. You must learn to buy SEO in a good way otherwise the risk is that the only result you get is a workshop, some Power Points and “general visibility”.

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