Article directories is popular again!

A method of working with inbound links that were very popular before was to publish text in so-called article directories. More recently, the method has been a revival but the reasons might be a little different.

It’s hard to build links, especially if you have a small budget. One method that has become increasingly popular in recent years among the smaller players in the industry is to publish articles in the so-called article directories. This is something that was very big before and especially in the U.S., there were plenty of great content farms where anyone could publish their content, of course it was used to link building. In Spain, there has not been many high quality sites as in the U.S. but the article directories have been used a s a method.

This past year, people have once again become aware of the directories because they are a very cheap way to get a link to your site, the cost is simply the time to write a good enough article for it to be approved. Unfortunately the article directories do not have  the same effect as they once had. Now Google is quite good to understand what links that you have control over (anchor text etc.). That does not in any way mean that article directories are useless, but personally I would never use it as my only strategy.

How can you use article directories?

A good way to use article directories is to use them to create a broad link profile. A natural link profile has many different types of links and link directories work well in that mix. Do not expect to dominate all search results forever if you are not building other links too.

How to evaluate a good article directory?

I want to give you a few examples of how you can evaluate if an article directory is good. First you need to look what the criteria is to get an article approved, if it is a free directory the quality is often lower since quality often costs. You should also look at how many articles do not link out. If each article has 2 outbound links, the search engines may see them as content farms. The last thing you should look at is how many links there is on each article page. It is often that these kind of sites have “latest comments”, “latest articles”, categories etc. on the sides of each article. The fewer links there is the more link power comes thru the article.

One good example of an article directory for the spanish market is