Author Rank

Author Rank is the favorite topic to discuss right now among search engine optimization, social media gurus and even Google’s former CEO, it turns out.

To begin with, let’s talk about what Author Rank actually means. This is what Schmidt said:

Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will pray Reviews Ranked higher than content without Such verification

Most people interprets this as if you have a strong profile on Google plus your content will get better placement in search results. Picture or not in the search results could hardly be referred to as Rank, it is rather more of the universal search.

To begin with, we may well agree that this is something that has not yet happened, some grammar skills shows that Will be does not mean that something has happened, but they will happen in the future. Then it is a bit tricky to grasp at times: You can not make future search engine optimization.

It is extremely common in SEO experts chasing the latest. This phenomenon is called Shiny Object Syndrome and is basically that you always get distracted by something new and shiny. Google themselves say that they measure more than 200 variables when they rank a page for search results. If Author Rank is be more or less important, when it is rolled out or even if it is rolled out in other languages ​​than English, we know nothing about. Let us assume that they are rolling it out in 2 years, only the top ten languages, and it has less impact than FooterText. Was it worth the effort to add two years to build a strong profile instead of getting a single link?

When will we learn that future SEO needs to be done in the future?

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