Google “prohibits” PR

Press releases – dangerous for your SEO, according to Google. Google has repeatedly expressed a reluctance to press releases. Does it sound strange that Google would have something against an industry they do not really have anything to do with? There are reasons actually. ZDnet goes so far as saying that Google may have killed […]

Poor written content but with a good headline.

All businesses should be in social media today, everyone wants to increase their investment to SMM, everyone will get a perfect ROI. I do not buy it! You will profile yourself, showing off, talk, help and sometimes be a bit provoking. There is probably no doubt that it gives you an immeasurable benefit. Unfortunately, I […]

Fredrik Norrbin, SEO Ibérica

Fredrik Norrbin is the founder of SEO Ibérica. Based in Mallorca we help customers to increase traffic from search engines with focus on Spain. SEO Ibérica on Google+. ‘The whole mañana mañana attitude is over’ The Local; April 2013 ________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘We want to help customers to get to the top in search engines on relevant […]

When Google includes Social Signals

Most SEO consultants/experts in the industry agree that social signals (likes, retweets and such), will sooner or later become an important part of Google’s algorithm. Many eagerly waiting for Google to include social signals in the algorithm because they are already big in social media. But I would not be so excited if I were […]

Article directories is popular again!

A method of working with inbound links that were very popular before was to publish text in so-called article directories. More recently, the method has been a revival but the reasons might be a little different. It’s hard to build links, especially if you have a small budget. One method that has become increasingly popular […]