Swedish moving to Mallorca

Swedish moving to Mallorca To continue collecting articles published about SEO Ibérica seen in The Local, Mallorca Residencia and a few more here, I want to share new articles published after contact with local Mallorca news publications. During April 2017 I was approached by a journalist representing a few online publications in Mallorca about “Swedish […]

How SEO is done in 2016

I just published a post in www.crowdreviews.com. You can read the full article here. SEO is constantly changing and for this reason I felt I needed to clear out som of the basics of how SEO is done 2016. I put focus on to understand SEO and clear out some misunderstandings. But the most important things […]

#2 Post Published on DigitalDoughnut

My blog on SEO-Iberica.com is accepted to DigitalDoughnut.com. The second post published is presented here in a shorter version. Read the whole article here. ___________________________________________________ Always focusing on the newest trends in marketing can be like an illness that can infect small businesses or a marketing manager’s daily workload. You get approached by a skilled salesman […]

#1 Post published on DigitalDoughnut

My blog on SEO-Iberica.com is accepted to DigitalDoughnut.com. The first post published is presented here in a shorter version. Read the whole article here. ___________________________________________ Creating content on your website is one of the best investments you can make. And to write good content, it is important to consider both users and search engines like […]

Are you going for Social Media Marketing? Think again!

Social Media Marketing has been a hot topic the last few years. Some even claim it is “The New Way” to do marketing. I am not convinced.  Social Media Marketing can be a great complement to search engine optimization (SEO). PPC and other online marketing activities. But to rely only on Social Media Marketing to get new […]

Why Google?

Google is king of search engines. To businesses search engines is an easy and relatively cheap way to market and sell products and services. I will give you a few tips in how to make it in Google’s organic search results. Updates One of the factors in ranking your website is how many visitors you […]

+1 and Shares is not SEO!

Matt Cutts, Googles Head of Webspam, rarely is crystal clear. But when it comes to +1s as a factor in SEO link building it is another story. A few days ago Matt Cutts wrote a comment on Hacker News; just trying to decide the politest way to debunk the idea that more Google +1s lead to […]

Google “prohibits” PR

Press releases – dangerous for your SEO, according to Google. Google has repeatedly expressed a reluctance to press releases. Does it sound strange that Google would have something against an industry they do not really have anything to do with? There are reasons actually. ZDnet goes so far as saying that Google may have killed […]

Poor written content but with a good headline.

All businesses should be in social media today, everyone wants to increase their investment to SMM, everyone will get a perfect ROI. I do not buy it! You will profile yourself, showing off, talk, help and sometimes be a bit provoking. There is probably no doubt that it gives you an immeasurable benefit. Unfortunately, I […]

When Google includes Social Signals

Most SEO consultants/experts in the industry agree that social signals (likes, retweets and such), will sooner or later become an important part of Google’s algorithm. Many eagerly waiting for Google to include social signals in the algorithm because they are already big in social media. But I would not be so excited if I were […]