How SEO is done in 2016

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SEO is constantly changing and for this reason I felt I needed to clear out som of the basics of how SEO is done 2016.

I put focus on to understand SEO and clear out some misunderstandings. But the most important things is to understand the relationship between the main factors of a successful SEO campaign.

  1. Content
  2. Technology / Infrastructure
  3. Links
  4. User experience


If you prefer reading a shorter version of the article, this is the essential:

What is SEO (search engine optimisation)?

For a programmer SEO is a technical activity. Copywriters thinks SEO is all about the texts. Some even claim conversion optimisation is SEO. It is understandable that the SEO industry suffers when the definitions are so tight, and sometimes wrong. When you know the definition of what SEO is, it becomes easier to do it. 

SEO is four things, and we use the same method on our own website as we do to achieve our client’s project objectives:


Content is primarily text. Google is becoming better with every update in understanding text. Google is mainly a search engines understanding text. Search engines still have difficulties understanding other type of content. Search engines still have problems understanding other type of content, like videos and images. To help indexing this type of content you should describe, in text, what they illustrate and show. More on this subject.

Technology / infrastructure:

You might understand this if you are a web developer or working with code. There are different CMS that helps in this matter, like WordPress. But I prefer to look at it from a broader perspective. It may be the charging time or a mobile-site. Simply what the technology must support in order to achieve the objectives of traffic or rankings.


Links are the lifeblood of the internet. Google valuates websites with the help of links. If your website is mentioned on an authority website with a link back to you. Search engines will take that as a signal that you are trustworthy.

User experience:

Each month there are +100 billion searches in Google (source). Each search is a question from the user. Search engines main priority are their users. They want to make sure users get the best possible answer. If you don’t know what question users have asked before coming to your site, and you don’t provide a good answer. Google will eventually give priority to someone else that do.

Lat but not least I would like to recommend this 30 days SEO to do list, I am confident you will get better results if you do this challenge.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to contact me for any SEO related questions.