Poor written content but with a good headline.

All businesses should be in social media today, everyone wants to increase their investment to SMM, everyone will get a perfect ROI. I do not buy it!

You will profile yourself, showing off, talk, help and sometimes be a bit provoking. There is probably no doubt that it gives you an immeasurable benefit. Unfortunately, I feel that it is not really fair and I’ll explain why.

Important news is not written in 140 characters (Twitter). SEO consultants who make stylish infographics are not automatically the best SEO consultants. The content that flies in social media is not the best content. It is the content with best headline.

The headline is everything

On Facebook, it is the image that is most important. On Twitter it is only the headline. On Instagram… I have no idea but guess it is the best dinner or the cutest animal. Of course you can reach a lot of people.

But if you produce the best ceramics or selling cosmetics online. We know in reality is that most attention on Facebook is the one who is angry over the latest petition against the government, minorities, traveling or whatever it may be. You can reach a lot of people, or you can publish great content.

Sure, it can be good for your business that people have heard your name and that you are easy to find. But is it really the best investment that whenever people think of your business they think of travel och vacation?