Search Engines

Almost everything you read on this blog revolve around Google in one way or another. The truth is that there are other search engines as well, but they have such a small market share in Europe that it is almost irrelevant. Although Bing has grown slightly but it is still a very small percentage. If you are interested in knowing more about the market shares for search engines (and other things), click here. All market share numbers are taken in feb. 2013.


Google is of course number one, wordwide Google has a market share of over 90%. In Spain, they have a market share of over 95% of the search market. In the case of national searches, Google is unbeatable. The only countries that Google has a fair competition is in Russia and China. But in international search engines, it is basically just Google that can deliver.


Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, which replaced MSN Search or Live as it was called later. Microsoft has entered in the search battle with Google and spent a lot on their search engine. They have taken share from other search engines, primarily in the U.S., In the Spanish market Bing is used of just over 1.5% of the total search volume.


Yahoo is one of the older search engines out there and actually turned down to buying Google when Google was little. Their motivation was that their own algorithm was “good enough.” Probably this is something that they regret today and they have now entered into a partnership with Microsoft where Bing’s algorithm will be used in Yahoo’s search engine. The Yahoo market share in Spain is not even 1%.


Yandex is a major search engine that we in Spain hardly know about. It is significant in Russia. Yandex compete effectively with Google in Russia about the place as the leading search engine. I have worked very little with Yandex and the general approach is to work just like working with Google, but that Yandex is less tactful and clearly slower. In Russia, Yandex has a market share of 42%, while Google has the top position of 55%.


Baidu is still a fairly unknown search engine here in Spain and the reason is similar to Yandex, Baidu is a Chinese search engine that has a hefty share of the pie in China. Baidu is said to be a straight rip off of Google but in Chinese. Baidu has a 63% market share in China while Google has 31%. Unfortunately I have only very little experience of working with Baidu.