SEO School

The foundation in SEO!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization as it is called, can be seen as very complicated but there is alot in SEO that any one can do! On some search phrases the competition is not that high. In these cases it is possible to do the SEO by your self if you do not have the budget or if you have time over to spend.
On SEO-consulting we want to set up a complete SEO school where you can learn everything about search engine optimization.


1. Why?
2. Who?


The first part that we have to look at in our SEO school is the analysis, it will focus on analysis of search phrases but will cover a bit more than that. It is important to find search phrases that can give you good return on your investment. Defending on your goals with SEO, it can be different search phrases othat can be interesting and in the Analysis-part of our SEO school you can read about finding the right phrases.

1. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
2. Search Volume
3. Conversion
4. Competition
5. PageRank
6. Inbound links
7. Pages
8. On-Page
9. Off-Page (Links)
10. Title
11. Wikipedia
12. Objective
13. Budget
14. ROI


On-page is about the things of the SEO that you do on your website, thats why it is called On-Page SEO. It is about making the website easy to crawl and to have good strength to all the major subpages. The second part of On-Page is about building specific pages in the right way so that there is no doubt that they are all about the keywords you are focusing on.

General On-Page

1. Internal link structure
2. Navigation
3. Paths
4. Code
5. Duplicate Content
6. Outbound links
7. Titles, headings and other
8. Internal Nofollow
9. Content
10. Text Quantity
11. Sitemap

Specific On-Page

1. Choose title
2. Meta-Data
3. Ggood headings
4. Text that works
5. Bold and italics
6. Internal links in anchor texts

Link Strategy

1. Organic
2. Buying links
3. Evaluate links
4. Social Networks
5. Building network of sites
6. Blog
7. Link Bait
8. Directories
9. Articles
10. Exchange links
11. Linkage

Evaluate SEO

1. Position
2. Traffic
3. Non Branded vs. Branded
4. Revenues
5. inbound links
6. Conversion rate
7. Profit
8. Number of keywords