Conversion – SEO Analysis

Conversion is usually one of the more difficult subjects, but it is not as difficult when you look at it from the SEO perspective. There are a whole range of factors that affect the conversion on a website. But it is not maximal converstion rate we are looking for, but the SEO that gives maximum potential for best conversion rate.

Conversion is when a visitor does what you want it to do. It could be to buy your product, click on an ad, sign up for your newsletter or something similar. By dividing the proportion that converts by the number of visitors to your site, you get the conversion rate. By looking at conversion rate on different keywords, you can figure out how much money each visitor who comes to the site on that keyword is worth.

When it comes to choosing keywords, the optimal keyword is the one that converts the best and has the most traffic. Of course it is not often these factors are the same, often you simply have to balance these two factors together. If the conversion rate is known (if you already have traffic on the keyword or if you make a test with adwords) you can by using the search volume, figure out how much you will earn on each position in the search results. This means of course if you have some idea of the costs that you can calculate how much it will cost to take the position.

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