Inbound links

Inbound links – SEO Analysis

The number of inbound links is a measure that actually works quite well for assessing competition in a keyword. Just like the other measurements it is not exact, but by controlling the number of inbound links to competing sites you get a little more insight than just check PageRank. There is currently no really accurate way to see inbound links. The way that works best is to use Yahoo. Searching ‘Linkdomain:’ gives you the number of inbound links to the domain. By adding ‘Linkdomain:’, Yahoo will not display links from the same domain, you only see the number of inbound links. Search:

That way, you get the number of inbound links to the domain that is not from the domain itself. You do not see how many that comes from different domains, so if the site you check have sitewide links from really large sites, the result may be very large. Something that may be interesting in addition to the number of links to the domain is the number of links to the page that appears in the search results. Search in Yahoo:

So you will get the number of links to the page from domains other than your own, and it may be even more important measurement, if the number is not too large, you can also go through and look at the quality. Finally, there is a search to find the number of internal links to page (still in Yahoo):

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