ROI – SEO Analysis

ROI is one of the most important things to look at when doing an analysis. It is a result of the relationship between budget and goals. ROI means “Return of Investment”, how much and how quickly you will get back the invested amount.

To calculate ROI you need to know how much traffic you will get if you achieve a certain position, how much you need to spend to get there and how profitable it is with the traffic. The first parts, we have already looked at as we know the CTR and search volume. You’ve also made ​​a budget to reach the position, now we’ll see if it holds.

Probably you know already what value a visitor to your site has. And since we know how many visitors we can get on a given keyword. We have made an estimate of what it will cost to take the position. We also know the value of a visitor. Now we can calculate the ROI. You just need to decide if there is an investment to make.