Search Volume

Search Volume – SEO Analysis

Nowadays it is quite easy to get the search volumes for keywords you are interested in. Google has made the data available in its keyword tool for adwords. The data from Google keyword tool can give you pretty exact figures on how many people that search for a particular term. It’s easy to set the country and keyword, you can also get some suggestions for other relevant keywords. It is important to choose the exact phrase so that you do not get other traffic statistics.

Of course we do not know if Google will keep this service and then it is important to have some backup. Wordtracker and Overture provides search statistics of searches in their networks, Overture has, as you may know, sold ads at Yahoo. Unfortunately, the numbers is not relevant for all markets as their market share can be extremely small. They can atleast give some indication.

Another more straightforward way is to buy sponsored links on the words you are interested in and see which gives the most traffic. It is then important not to be limited by a small budget, so that your ads are displayed everytime someone is making a search.