Who can benefit from SEO? – Introduction to SEO

Is SEO something for you?

There are sites and products that are made for SEO. Companies where all the activity takes place online apparently benefits of search engine optimization, but it does not stop there. You do not need to have any of the products having a huge number of searches around the world to make money on SEO. If 10,000 people are looking for bikes on Mallorca every month, you can get 4200 of them as visitors to their site if it is number one in the search results. If you have a bike shop on Mallorca, how many usually visit it every month? If 4,200 new potential customers can find the website, how much can you earn on it?

Search engine optimization is interesting for most industries and sizes of companies. Everything from the UN to the poker companies and actually for a bike shop. I would even say that it has a greater chance to earn really good on SEO if you sell something that may not be directly associated with the Internet. The competition is often lower that you can get away with minimal effort and still reach the visitors.

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