Why SEO? – Introduction to SEO

Why should you choose to invest in SEO marketing instead of the traditional channels. What are the benefits of search engine optimization?

One of my absolute favorite things about search engine optimization is measurability. When dealing with marketing in the traditional way, you can not in principle measure anything. In the case of search engine optimization, the situation is the opposite one can measure exactly what effects it provides, you can measure how much you pay per visitor or customer, you can even make a reasonable estimate in advance. SEO is therefore one of the most measurable methods of marketing. Only affiliate marketing and sponsored links is measurable in the same way as SEO.

Another huge advantage is that it is very cheap. In comparison with the traffic you can get through other channels the visitors from search engines are very cheap. By successfully choose good keywords that is relevant for the product and is not too competitive, you can get visitors almost free.

A further advantage is that it is long term. If you have a good search engine optimization you can expect results over several years. Compare with sponsored links, if you stop paying the customers stops at the same moment.

The biggest advantage is that you can reach those who actively looking for what you sell. By positioning yourself on keywords relevant to your product or service, you will reach potential customers exactly at the moment they are looking for the product. There are arguments to reach the same results with sponsored links and it is certainly true, but in combination with the other benefits of search engine optimization is almost always best with SEO. Moreover, ordinary people tend to have more confidence in sites that ranks well in the organic results.

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