Link Strategy

Nothing discussed so lush in SEO circles as link strategy. There are almost as many methods as there are SEO consultants. The objective of link strategy is to build links to the site in such way that you take important positions in the search result and build up a website with generally good strength. Link strategy is without doubt the most important in the SEO work in almost all cases.

Being able to measure the value of the link was one of the factors that made Google the market leader (they were not quite at first but they were clearly the best). It all began with PageRank, which takes its name from one of Google founders Lawrence Page, and not as it might sound which at first sight page-rank. PageRank is a model to evaluate sites based on their incoming links. A site with many good links will position better in search results, and will also deliver more power in the links out. You can see it as authorities on a topic, they are authority figures because many refer to them and it means that when they refer to someone else so it should be considered as a reliable website.

PageRank is a measurement between 0-10 but the scale is not linear, it is a significant difference between an 8 and a 7 than between a 3 and a 2. PaageRank is a value that is continuously updated, can see a snapshot, which is usually a month old, if we install the Google Toolbar. Periodically (usually once every quarter) the value updates in the toolbar. The update is called Google Toolbar PageRank export, data from Google’s data centers are exported to all toolbars.

PagerRank is not nearly as important as it once was. There are now many more variables than there were at the beginning, which determines how well the position of a page to get. High PageRank does not really mean much traffic anymore and it does not even mean especially good positions. However, it is a pretty good indication of how many and how strong inbound links a site has.

Even if PageRank is not so important today, links is the just as important today. What has changed is rather that the requirements of the links have increased. Previously, it could be enough to get a link from a page with really high PageRank to rank well in the search results, now you have to work a little smarter with inbound links to take positions.

In Google’s eyes, links transfer most importantly two things, strength and anchor text. It sounds a little strange that the link transfers the anchor text but that is how you call it. The anchor text (the text that provides the link) is namely very important for the position you take, and the explanation is simple. Google wants to find a good way to evaluate what a page is about. By reading the anchor text on the incoming links, Google then get one or a few words that describe a person considers what the page is about, a stylish and simple solution to a very complicated problem. Although computers are getting better at understanding the text, this is still one of the most important ways for Google to determine the content and it is therefore very important for SEO consultants to keep an eye on.

Link strategy will include

1. Organic
2. Buying links
3. Evaluate links
4. Social Networks
5. Building network of sites
6. Blog
7. Link Bait
8. Directories
9. Articles
10. Exchange links
11. Linkage