General On-Page

The goal of general On-Page is to ensure that Google and other search engines can index the site properly and that the site should not lose anything on their design. By building a site that is easy to crawl you can achieve relatively good results without putting down to much work . If the site can easily be crawled and in combination with good content in large amount, you can actually get quite a lot of visitors. Wikipedia is a great example of this.

If there is anything that can be complicated to implement in larger companies, it is the general on-page that is needed. Actually it is not very complicated and it is my firm belief that a search engine friendly website is not in any way contradicts a user friendly. Many times it may require major structural changes on the website, however, and depending on the prevailing business environment, it may be difficult to implement. This is one of the main reasons that I often say that SEO needs to be supported throughout the organization. CEO needs to agree that it should be done, developers need to understand the importance of it and those who are responsible for the different areas must see what it can give them. An investment in search engine optimization that is not well rooted in all areas can certainly give a hefty increase in traffic but the result is never so great that it can be.

Subpages about general on-page:

1. Internal link structure
2. Navigation
3. Paths
4. Code
5. Duplicate Content
6. Outbound links
7. Titles, headings and other
8. Internal Nofollow
9. Content
10. Text Quantity
11. Sitemap