It is with the website’s code that most beginners tend to get stuck, despite the fact usually is not very important. There are a few cardinal error that can be made, but if it is a proper and modern built site, it’s almost never any problems. The most important thing to consider when you review the site’s code is that it should be easy for the search spiders to flow around as they want on the site.

It is when it comes to indexing the most problems come. You may have  excluded the spiders from important content if you have done it wrong. The first thing we look at is frames, you may remember them from high school when the Internet was new, but now almost all frames is left behind. The reason why they was taught along time ago was because of the very small bandwidth they used. When a website is built in frames, the hole content is not loaded when you go to a new article, product or whatever it may be. The problem is also that frames doesn’t allow you to create real unique paths for the content and if the search spider actually manages to index the content it is only a fragment of the pages that is found. Of course it is not good, avoid frames.

We also need to look at Javascript and Flash. Google is getting better to read content in flash or Javascript, but that does not mean they are good. Surely, one can make use of elements of JS or Flash but it is extremely important that the entire site is NOT built in Java or Flash. A Javascript navigation/menu can kill the site at any time and a site built entirely in Flash is doomed. Use them for special features but base your site on something that produces real HTML (ASP or PHP, for example) if you want more functionality.