Internal link structure

Internal link structure – General on-page SEO

One of the important aspects when making a general on-page SEO is the internal link structure or hierarchy, as it is also called. This is one of the things you should think carefully before you build the site. It is usually not done so here are some advice.

The first thing to consider is to have such a flat structure as possible on the site. The shorter route it is from the home page to the important content the better. This must be balanced against that you should not have too many links on a page. For example, that Wikipedia should link to all the articles from the home page would be madness, but for a site with only 20 articles, it might not be so stupid. Forget the big tree structures as they taught in the internets beginning, unless you have a huge site. Make sure not to get blank pages between the home page and the actual content.

The second thing to note is that relevance is important. If you can link between pages that have related content, this gives a value. If you write a blog post about a service and actually wrote another one last year, it may be reasonable that they should link to each other. Both the visitor and the search engines would think it is relevant. Take a look at how the tags in blogs work for some good examples.