Navigation – General on-page SEO

When Google and other search engines are looking through your site, they do so through the internal links. The most obvious among these is of course navigation. With a good navigation, you can make things much easier for both your visitors and search spiders.

The most important thing when we look at navigation is that the search spiders can actually use it. If it is made in Javascript, Flash, or something like that we run into problems. The best thing is if navigation is made in the ordinary old-fashioned text links. You may of course decorate them with any appearance as long as the function is the same.

Navigation should be smart for the visitor and search engines, to provide a quick overview of the site’s hierarchy. Preferably you can link to the latest news to ensure indexing of new material.

A very common problem on large sites is that the old material never is found. If the site has much old material which Google for some reason can not find, my suggestion is to do a reverse chronological entry in the navigation.

If you are unable to solve a search engine friendly navigation, you can try other ways, it is not optimal, but at least it is a solution. Maybe you can add an extra navigation outside the main navigation. Maybe you have to solve it with a sitemap and there is always the possibility to use noscript tags to display the search spider how the navigation looks to the visitor. (Be sure to show the same for the spider as for visitors even if it is text links instead of flash animations).