Outbound links

Outbound links can both help and hinder, and here you have to know what you are doing. This is an element that can exist both in the General and Specific On Page but the truth is that it is most important for specific pages. My actual advice is to beware of outbound links from the website if you do not know what to do, but there are extenuating circumstances.

Linking to other pages with trust from Google within the subject can do two things, Google will consider your site somewhat more trustworthy and the links from the website will catch the other links. So if you link to Google, Yahoo or Bing, Google will consider that you are in a way in the same area. Since you link to pages that Google already have trust in, the search engines believes that links from the webpage is to trustworthy sites and it rubs off on the other links on the page.

This is used by many SEOs when they build satellite sites. Satellite sites requires explanation in itself, and it is based on building sites with content that matches the site you want to rank for and links to the main site. Many choose to link to other sites with great trust, such as Google itself or DMOZ.  A more developed strategy is to link to all pages that is on the first page on the results you want to rank for, but not with the keyword in the anchor text. Then they link to their own page and place the links near each other and have the keyword in the anchor text of the link.

Many times when you look at a website where someone tried to optimize you can actually find outbound links to competitors and if you understand the Google algorithm, you understand that it is something to watch out for. It is good to be fairly generous with outbound links but beware of linking to sites that Google have little trust for and you should definitely not boost up your competitors.

There are some websites that Google has low trust in, these are usually classified as “bad neighborhood”. It can hurt your website significantly if you link to any of these. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to deal with this, link only to sites that you trust.