Specific On-Page

Specific On-Page is the when you work with on a particular site’s search engine optimization, it includes adding titles, captions, to work with the text and putting tags properly. In theory, you can make anything of a page, you get better results by writing relevant text . so there are really endless possibilities, sooner or later you have to stop and work with other parts of SEO, ROI decreases when you have made the most important. One mistake many people make is to work way too hard on these parts, perhaps because it is called optimization, and you want the optimization to be optimal.

I do not mean that it is irrelevant with the specific On-Page, it’s the other way areound, if it is not done well it is almost impossible to achieve any results. I am saying that you have to consider how much time it takes to make changes to how much you earn on it . Some things are more important than others, and I want to mention the most important. Title, H1 and body, the rest also makes a difference but not nearly as much.

Specific on-page includes

1. Choose title
2. Meta-Data
3. Ggood headings
4. Text that works
5. Bold and italics
6. Internal links in anchor texts