Swedish moving to Mallorca

Publications about Swedish moving to Mallorca

Swedish moving to Mallorca

To continue collecting articles published about SEO Ibérica seen in The Local, Mallorca Residencia and a few more here, I want to share new articles published after contact with local Mallorca news publications.

During April 2017 I was approached by a journalist representing a few online publications in Mallorca about “Swedish moving to Mallorca”. From 2014 there was a huge increase of Swedish people moving to Mallorca, not only for buying a summer house but also to settle here for a longer period of time.
Swedish people has been tourists in Mallorca for many decades, starting at the 60´s, but only for holidays. Since 2013 the journalist had seen Swedish people not only coming here for a week gazing in the sun, but for starting businesses & investing in properties.

For this reason I was asked if they could refer to SEO Ibérica since we are based in Mallorca, in their articles about Swedish starting businesses in Mallorca outside of touristic area. I got the opportinuty to talk about the services we provide in local SEO for Mallorca, and web design services for Mallorca companies.
These are the publications I have seen so far:

Noticias Mallorca

NoticiasMallorca.es was created with the purpose of being “a tool for progress” for the society where freedom of opinion allows the discussion of the important subjects of Mallorca. NoticiasMallorca is today one of the most read digital diaries.
“La mudanza de un sueco a Mallorca”


dBalears.cat offer their own information and opinion, truthful, and willing to listen to everyone, every new day.

“Swedish entrepreneurs have made a significant contribution to Mallorca, launching various businesses not only about tourism… Contributing their knowledge and experience to clients in Mallorca and Spain in general.”
“L’aportació dels empresaris suecs a Mallorca”


Mallorcadiario.com is the first exclusively digital newspaper of Mallorca and aims to provide new, independent and fresh information.
“El crecimiento de la población de suecos en Mallorca”

Setmanari Sóller

Setmanari Sóller is a weekly newspaper based Soller. It started in July of 1885!
“L’aportació dels empresaris suecs a Mallorca”