When Google includes Social Signals

Most SEO consultants/experts in the industry agree that social signals (likes, retweets and such), will sooner or later become an important part of Google’s algorithm. Many eagerly waiting for Google to include social signals in the algorithm because they are already big in social media. But I would not be so excited if I were them, Google usually see things differently.

Actually Google will not only use social signals to make positive things with your website, they may very well use them to filter out your site. Think for a moment about what works best in social media today.

Some of the things that work very well in social media are very often things that Google ignores in the search results. The first example are “Click and Share“- contests on Facebook. Although these violate Facebook’s guidelines, it is something that is used very often and the reason is simple, it works fantastically well. This is almost comparable to the most spammy links, links that do not really have any significance and that are available in millions of millions. If the “Likes” would be a somewhat limited resource, they could be used to show what people actually like. It is the most spammy pages that no one has any real relationship with that would benefit from this.

Who on Twitter has the greatest impact? First, it is famous people and they could have managed a very popular blog as well as having many followers on Twitter and Google knows how to handle this. Other that have a large impact are those that can write very catchy one-liners and those who socialize thru Twitter. This is such things that Google has ignored. The more often you do Tweet of these things, the more you build relationships on Twitter, but in “the search world” it is the opposite of success. Google has recently taken a tough stand against too sprawling sites and at the same time they have higher demands on you if you want to take positions on diverse topics. It is an advantage to be more specific.

Think for a moment about your 100,000 tweets. Perhaps they are more a disadvantage to you than a benefit if Google includes social signals. You would probably have avoided to publish all those cat pictures and does it really put you in the right context when you discuss the TV-show with your friends?