Why Google?

Google is king of search engines. To businesses search engines is an easy and relatively cheap way to market and sell products and services. I will give you a few tips in how to make it in Google’s organic search results.

  1. Updates

    One of the factors in ranking your website is how many visitors you have, for this reason it is important to update to get recurring visitors. The more pages you have on your website, the more content (texts) the search engines can index. Google love texts! You can update by writing about news, give tips, answer on questions etc. Everything that is relevant is good.

  2. Optimize the website according to Google’s guidelines

    I am sure you get contacted by different companies all the time that offer SEO services. It is easier for a serious SEO consultant if the customer knows the basics in SEO. There is loads of free information that you can read, try to understand it! It will only make it easier for you to know if the SEO agency is serious or not and you can do most of the basics yourself. Try to optimize every webpage to a certain search phrase. Make sure you have it in the URLTITLE, HEADING, in the BEGINNING of the text and a few times in the ACTUAL CONTENT. Don’t forget the internal links!

  3. Analyze

    The hole point of getting to the number one in Google is to get customers. By analyzing the visitors in Google Analytics (free software), you learn what gives you results (converts). You can see which keywords that gives you customers or what keywords that gives you most traffic.

  4. Learn the guidelines

    On Webmaster Central you can read about how you website should be structured. You can also get more information of how to optimize the website. If you learn the guidelines you will know how to make it easier for Google to find and index you site.
    I can give you an indication of how optimized your site is. In the beginning it is often the small changes that can give huge difference. Send in your question here.

  5. Links

    The most important factor in Googles algorithm is links. Links, links and links. The better/higher quality links pointing to your website, the better result you get. Try to get 1 new link to your site everyday!

  6. Try Google Adwords

    A quick way to learn more about traffic thru search engines is to buy Adwords. You pay-per-click (PPC), and you decide how much you are willing to pay. If you are a carpenter in Mallorca, it is better to aim for the combination “carpenter + Mallorca”, than “carpenter”. Adwords is like an auction system. But if you have relevancy, you don’t have to pay as much.

  7. Content

    Don’t forget that the content is the most important on your site. If you focus in great content together with optimization – the first big step is taken.

Also, use the free marketing channels that Google offer. Publish content in Youtube and add your business on Google Maps. It is free and will probably give you some extra visitors.